1911 ~ 2011

One of the most versatile platforms in the world is the  Stoner AR series of gas operated rifles.  We take the whole package into consideration when we redesign and build specifically for the customer.


SWTA has been one of the leading builders of high  quality  AR  rifle platforms using only the best from companies like  Aero Precision, Ballistic  Advantage and Krieger.

Southwest Tactical Arms  provides a broad and comprehensive firearms  training program covering everything from the basics to advanced tactical disciplines in all platforms.

CCW (Concealed Carry  Weapon) can be achieved in as little as  two hours, complete with fingerprints and application assistance.  Our instructors are all NRA Certified.


John Garcia:

Southwest Tactical Arms Founder 

John is the founder of Southwest Tactical Arms LLC.   In 1998 he started a successful gunsmithing  business in Buckeye, Arizona  at the height of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.  He spent countless hours finding ways to transform the basic AR-15 rifle into an extremely accurate and multi roll platform that eventually covered nine different calibers.  The 1911 years soon followed and  after  training with the true masters of the industry he set out to perfect the Mil Spec  version of the Model 70.  John's  vision for the company was simple, he didn't want to just manufacture firearms that you could walk in and buy from a retailer, his  pitch has always been that we don't advertise!  When you come to us for your platform you get something no one else can buy...this is YOUR platform, the way YOU wanted it done . 


Quality and value

Having the right parts on your platform makes a difference!

When we hear companies say things like "a century of collective experience," we all look at each other and laugh.  Unless you've been in the trenches or in the middle of competition and had a weapons system fail, you could care less how many years experience the guys around the lunch table have.   We make sure each and every part we make, sell or test is a 100% functioning spec grade part, not something made in some back lot.  Our name and your life depends on it!

Meet the Crew

ar-15 platforms

The "A" does not stand for Assault!

ArmaLite, a division of Fairchild Corporation is the inventor of the  AR platform we use today. There are so many companies that have used this platform to build from that it's impossible to keep track of them. We like to think that it's one of the most simplest and reliable rifles on the market.   The AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle! Not Assault Rifle....

Meet the Crew

​Craig Best:

​Southwest Tactical Arms 1911 Frame Specialist

Craig  joins us from the Daytona Beach Florida area, he's new  to the firearms game but has perfected cast and forged  material applications , he's a very accomplished CNC machinist also.  When we looked at improving the carbon steel and forged / alloy frames for the 1911 line we looked to Craig.  Because of his success in the aerospace field as a mold designer,  his experience has brought a new level of quality and simplicity to our  designs.

Bernie Alt :

Southwest Tactical Arms Lead Machinist

Bernie is our lead machinist, his background encompasses several different types of machine tools spanning the industrial and automotive sectors of manufacturing.  His time spent in the rust belt honed his expertise with all types of machining methods  and techniques that he has applied to our industry.  The 1911 series we design and produce always includes Bernie's take on how it should look and function, he helps design and test nearly everything we produce and  is very serious about giving the customer the best possible product that we can offer.


AR Platforms

We won't sell cheap knock-offs or junk from China, everything we  offer is either made at our facility in Arizona or is custom manufactured for us.   Our vendors  certify the origin and manufacturing location for each one of our parts....right down to the detents and springs we purchase locally.


When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things.  Or, in our case, more than a few.  We not only have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every application, we have the parts for them, too.   And, if you bring us something new, our staff would love to work with you to find what you're looking for.

Steve Bowersock

Third Party  Verification and Testing

Steve joined the group a little over a year ago and has assisted  SWTA  in our Quality Assurance  and  Platform Performance .  Steve has been very active in shooting sports and loading / re-loading for most of his life and over several different platforms both pistol and rifle.  His expertise in munitions has helped us design, build and test some of the most accurate and dependable platforms we've produced.  Steve is not a gunsmith or armorer...he simply tells us from a customer's point of view what works, and what doesn't. He has been a great asset to the crew and we rely heavily on his input.

SWTA  .45 ACP and 1911 platforms are the heart of our tactical pistol group.  The design is the  epitome  of what we perceive as perfection in a pistol and we take it to the next level. 


SWTA takes great care to insure that ALL of the parts used in any of our builds are made in the USA, and we're very proud of that.