Jeremy P.  Buckeye Az.

About a year ago I became acquainted  with John and the  crew  at Southwest Tactical Arms, I had always wanted an AR-15 carbine that looked a little sportier than all the others I'd seen.  I talked to John and he showed me a couple quick versions of what I described, that's when I decided on the stainless steel  carbine with an A2 style carry handle.  After that I noticed a 1911 project he was working on, he had 5 polished model 70 lowers he called the "Brillante"  he was only going to do five  special builds so - I had to have one too!  The 1911 is  a  .45 ACP, this thing has ZERO kick and absolutely NO muzzle rise, it's extremely accurate.  Next project is the .308 Sniper Series , I can't say enough about the quality and performance of what I've had built to date, these's guy's are the masters!

Paul M. Phoenixville Pa.

I had worked in Law Enforcement for several years,  I'm a Marine Corps Vet and firearms have been part of me since 1962.  I was looking for a custom 1911 Model 70 that I could take out and just shoot for pleasure, one I wouldn't feel bad if it got dropped or dinged.  I found John and SWTA through an old friend , I still chuckle when I recall talking to John about a pistol, he warned me that they build "Ugly Guns!"   He said they were built to take the abuse they were NOT pretty, right there  he had me sold. My 1911 was phosphate finished and  it love's to be oiled, it's been dropped, thrown and slid around on the floor of my pick-up...still looks new and shoots like a dream!

Ronnie P.  Phoenix, Az

I have several AR-15 and AR-10 gas guns, there are so many  different things you can do with them but I just got stuck trying to figure out what to do with the old work horses.  I called Southwest Tactical and asked them  if they had any ideas.   I'm proud to say that after sending them in for a make over....I have the baddest looking rifles on the planet. Their finish work is the best I've seen and their designs are Alien Like!!!  Good job guys! You have a customer for life!

Arlen K.  USA

I live in one of those states that hate anything with a trigger.  I called Southwest Tactical Arms  regarding the laws here and what legal things I could do to my rifles so I could still enjoy them and not go to prison. Both John and the techs there gave me some great ideas and forwarded a ton of info,  I didn't buy a single thing from them that day...and they still were more than happy to help!!!

Chuck B.  Phoenix, Az.

I  have known  John at SWTA for over 10 years.  He is a master craftsman, and so are all of his crew.  I recently had them manufacture my first  AR in 5.56, fairly basic with a simple scope.  The level of hand tooled and hand fitted craftsmanship is off the charts.  This firearm came to  me a finely honed instrument and is a dream to shoot.  Even better at a very affordable price.  The crew at SWTA have attained a  quality / affordability ratio that no other manufacturer can match  I cannot wait for my next build, a custom 2011 which I know will be a superb  firearm that I would dare any other manufacturer to match in performance and quality let alone cost.  Job well done SWTA crew.

Steven B.  Phoenix , Az.

I met John back in the early 2000's , I had always looked at their 1911's but at that time I was more into the Factory stuff with the big names and high $$$ tags.  One day at the range I noticed John had a couple  pistols he was testing out and he offered one up for me to try.  I sold my Kimber three weeks later and  ended up having Southwest  Tactical build a custom pistol.  It's a "Tack Driver" and one thing I love is their custom compensators , the barrel is always on plane. Thanks John and all the folks at Southwest Tactical Arms.

Steve H.  Atlanta, Ga.

Many thanks to John and his crew at Southwest Tactical Arms,  I'd been looking for  a  BDE  AR-15  in a CAR configuration, there were a few out there but nothing ever made me want to just buy one.  I heard about these guys from my brother in Phoenix so I gave them a call.  John took a lot of time to find out just exactly what  I wanted  and what type of shooting I did.  He sent me some idea's  and sample pic's , I finally found what I wanted. If your looking for a Swiss Watch with a trigger, these guys can make it happen!